Festivals On a BudgetAs the summer is approaching and the temperatures are rising in Europe; true festival lovers already know it’s time to start planning which European festivals to visit this year! No better place to get great inspiration than there where hundreds or even thousands of people come together to enjoy music and arts. And those living on a tight budget do not need to be afraid they will miss out. There are lots of great events that are nearly or even completely free. All you need for these festivals is a backpack, a tent, some petty cash and a good attitude.

Where to go?

The hardest part of going to a festival is deciding where to go. Wanted to go to the Caribbean this year but your bank account doesn’t allow it? One of the benefits of going to an event in Europe that in the London you can visit the Notting Hill Carnival from 28 till 29 of August, one of the largest street festivals in the world with lots of exotic food, where you can get your island fix. Another great option nearby is the famous Edinburgh Fringe Festival from 5-29 August. On the other side of the North Sea lays Holland, where throughout the summer lots of festivals take place. A full list of festivals can be found on this website: Reelislington.com

How to prepare?

Getting in for free might not be enough for those of who are really low on cash. To save money on transportation, you can check on social media to see who else is going to the same event, so that you can organise to share a ride. Instead of spending a lot of money on a hotel, bring your own tent. But check first to see if you are allowed to camp at the place you are planning to visit. The fact is that the biggest expenses are usually food and drinks. Bring some instant noodles from home, there is always a place where you can find boiled water. Also, take a water bag with you that you can refill so you do not need to spend any money to quench your thirst. Festivals can be done on a budget but it requires forward planning and a thrifty attitude!