The folk scene in Northumberland and Durham, including North Tyneside, is not as vibrant as fifty years ago but it’s far from moribund. Here’s a list of clubs in Northumberland and North Tyneside where folk is either regular or, at least, not infrequent.


The Ashington Folk Club meets at 8.30 p.m. on the first and third Thursdays of each month at Ashington Cricket Club. They do folk, blues and – apologies in advance to purists – rock and roll.


Bellingham Folk ClubLocal band Landermason started Bellingham Folk Club in 2008 and concerts are held in various places. Their website will tell you what’s on, where and when.


Every second Tuesday at the Phoenix Theatre (in the bar, which probably pleases most folk aficionados).


Cramlington Folk Club meets every Tuesday, 7:30pm at The Clef and Cask. It’s been around since 1972 and it’s thriving. People wanting to sing can put their name down by 8:00pm and expect to be called up to the mic.


The Core Music Folk Club meets every third Saturday at 7:30pm in Gilesgate. It’s also a store, though a non-profit-making one, and they do far more than just folk – there’s the Jubilate Adult Choir, a fortnightly mandolin club (no, really. Stop sniggering), a ukulele club calling itself the Uketeers, a jam session for jazz players and wannabes, a Ceilidh band and a youth band that will have a go at anything, so check the website.


Rothbury Roots meets “occasionally” at The Queen’s Head. The 2016 program has monthly events right through till November.


The OBE Folk Club has moved from Ovingham and meets every 3rd Wednesday in the Boathouse Inn at Wylam.

Something a Little Different

Tyne Valley Folk Train stage events comprising a ride on a train and then lunch (with music) at a pub in the Tyne Valley. Sadly, right now there are no events planned, but watch the Facebook page because that could change.