After saying such negative things about the scarcity of good Folk in Durham, there may be those who want to point out that the Wear is in Durham county. Yes, yes, so it is; thank you for the rude remarks.

There’s a certain amount going on:


The Bridge Folk ClubThe Monkey Folk Club is at the Monkseaton Arms on Front Street every Sunday evening at 8:30. There’s a beach nearby, there’s food and drink, and the welcome is warm. What else does a folkie need?


The Bridge Folk Club meets on Mondays in the Bridge Hotel which is within walking distance of what Geordies think of as “the” bridge – The Tyne Bridge. The food’s good, the beer’s good and the folk music – well, now, there’s a thing. The hotel’s own website says (in May), that there has been no activity so far and; “more news on 2016 events coming soon.” However, the club’s own website indicates a healthy and varied schedule of weekly meetings and the assumption must be that the hotel simply doesn’t keep its website up to date. Probably too busy testing the Golden Sheep real ale.

South Shields

The South Shields Folk Club meets on Sunday evenings at 7:30 at The Customs House, Mill Dam. They work hard to offer a solid and varied program. If you take your own electrical gear with you, make sure you have a valid PAT certificate.


The Dolphin in King Edward Road hosts Folk At The Dolphin on Sunday evenings at 8:30. People turning up with a banjo under their arm and a song in their hearts are particularly welcome. (Joking about the banjo – a ukulele, mandolin or any other music-making device would be equally well received).


The Davy Lamp Folk Club meets at The Arts Center at 7:30pm on the first Saturday of each month.